Shayna Diamond was born on July 20th in the United States of America. Shayna always had a particular appreciation for myths, monsters, and martial arts. This pull towards the unusual (and often horrific) balanced bizarrely with her hippie, Buddhist upbringing, and developed into a rather loving conglomeration of obsessions which still gladly haunts her steps to this day.

Shayna earned a BA in Anthropology and a minor in English Literature from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. To this day, she wishes she could have finished her coursework in English, Fine Arts, Forensic Science, and more. Alas, the economy had no mercy and she graduated early.


As an undergrad, Shayna wrote an interdisciplinary Honors Thesis titled Dead Men Tell All Tales which discussed the funerary rites of different cultures and compared their most famous literary descriptions with archaeological evidence. Her thesis committee and peers were, of course, as thrilled with the upbeat material as she was! (Although she originally proposed an in-person study of the real-life cults which have sprung up world-wide from the influence of fictional works like those by H.P. Lovecraft, this was steadfastly discouraged. Something about "safety".)

After several hectic years and odd jobs (everything from artifact conservation to writing and editing to comic and game shops to video-game stores), Shayna found herself in Puerto Rico, diving head-first into making a go at doing art and literature for a living.

Diamond Ink is a graphics business Shayna founded in 2015 (originally as Caffffeinated) after selling a wide range of digital and physical pieces of countless subjects to individuals, publications, and businesses alike. Since founding Diamond Ink, Shayna has used a variety of mediums to create and sell original pieces, commissions, logos, and replicas of comic book covers, illustrations, and panels online as well as in the Artist Alley at the Amazing Hawai'i Comic Convention in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Shayna is also an avid author and editor and is particularly enamored with horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. Having published in anthologies, newspapers, journals, and online, she is now working on a novel and wide variety of short stories with the goal of publishing individually.

Shayna has always been particularly fond of comic books and has always found inspiration in the greats - Mike Mignola, Frank Frazetta, Todd McFarlane, Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, Steve Ditko, Brian Bolland, Stephen R. Bissette, and Chris Bachalo - just to name a few. Vincent Van Gogh is the only artist whose work has made Shayna cry and she keeps a full-size replica of his famous Sunflower painting in her workspace at all times. She was also strongly influenced by manga and anime as a child, which developed into an undying adoration for Akira, Dragon Ball, Ironfist Chinmi, much of Miyazaki's work, etc. - all of which fostered a relentless attitude and encouraged passionate pursuit.

Ultimately, Shayna would love to work in the comics, video-game, or literature industry as an illustrator and/or author. Working toward these goals, she is currently developing several horror short comics and a longer fantasy/sci-fi comic based on a novel she wrote in 2015.

Shayna is keeping an eye out for publications, conventions, art galleries, etc. where her work would be welcome.